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I don’t believe in the image of the lonely author, gazing out his window, awaiting inspiration. A book – my book at least – is a collaboration, made in relationship. Readers and writers are both in the business of animating words – our roles are fluid and interchangeable.

So, write to me, and I will read you and write back when I can: mleyser@mac.com


My agent is Laura Williams of Greene & Heaton. You can email Laura here.

No Season But Summer is published by Scribe. You can email Molly at Scribe here.

The images on this website were taken by:

Viola Depcik (my daughter and I, in her bedroom)

Richard Haughton (the aerial images)

Lisa Whiting (m/others who make)

Quint Buchholz (giacomond image)

Mika Rosenfeld (the rest)