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Nowadays, mobile phones are considered necessities, not luxuries, and just because you have bad credit doesn't mean you don't deserve to have a good mobile phone contract. In fact, here at Matilda Phones, we believe that people with bad credit need mobile phones as much as others do, maybe even more so!

People with poor credit ratings are usually those who are in deep financial need. And of course, if you need money, then it follows that you don't have the necessary funds required to buy a handset outright. Mobile phone contracts are not only the easiest way for people with bad credit to get a handset plan, but it is also the most economical. With a contract, your financial burdens will be lessened to smaller monthly increments, and with your spending will be tracked and controlled because of your monthly limits, so you won't go over your budget.

Sadly, a new report by AffordablePhone states that the people who need mobile phone contracts the most, meaning people with bad credit, are the ones who are denied of this great opportunity. This is the reason why Matilda Phones was born – to guide and help financially troubled individuals get the perfect mobile phone contract. Because everybody needs and deserves to have the handset and monthly plan they want, no matter what their financial situation may be.

If you've been rejected for several mobile phone plans, and you're losing hope, we're here for you. Although no service can guarantee 100% success rates, our statistics are as close as they can get. Since Matilda Phones was created, we've helped thousands of clients get the perfect mobile phone contract, no matter how hopeless their case is.

Keep in mind, we are not a mobile phone contract provider; however, we are affiliated with the top providers in the UK. Through our extensive partnerships with mobile phone companies, we are able to offer our clients the best deals on bad credit mobile phone contracts. Just because you have poor credit standing doesn't mean your choices should be limited.

With us, you gain access to the most popular brands and models in the market. We also give you an array of options for payment terms, tariffs and monthly plans. This ensures that you get the monthly plan that is easy on the pockets, without limiting your style. Tout the most popular handsets without worrying about making your monthly payments or worsening your credit standings.

With our service, you get the following services

  • Extensive client support
  • Increase your chances of application success
  • Wide range of handsets to choose from
  • Get the perfect monthly plan that suits your lifestyle
  • Legitimate and reliable mobile phone contract providers only!
  • Get valuable tips and insights on how to improve your success and increase your credit rating.

So why go through the disappointment and hassle of going from one mobile phone provider to another, only to get a rejection in the end? With our services, we not only do the searching for you, but we make sure to match you with the providers who will give the highest chances of approval. Unlike other services, we don't just point you at the right direction and then call it a day – we guide you through every step. It's only a job well done once you've signed a contract and you're satisfied with the deal.