How Our Process Works: An Easy Step-By-Step Guide

If you're not familiar with our services, you may wonder how we fit into the equation. It's an understandable confusion, as people don't really expect “mediator” services for things like bad credit mobile phones. However, we've seen that a lot of people go into an endless loop or trying and failing, when they can very well get a contract approval if they just knew where to look.

Simply put, our service does the dirty work of finding bad credit mobile phone deals in your stead. Instead of applying to them one-by-one and risking rejection every time; we do most of it for you because we know exactly what increases your chances and what hurts them. To shed some light on how things work, here's a step-by-step process on how we find the perfect mobile phone contract for you.

Smaller Payments

1. You send in an application – The whole process starts with your application. Of course, it doesn't have to be this straightforward. If you want to take your time and ask questions, look around first, its okay with us. However, our ability to help you is unlocked once you send us your application.

2. We look over your credentials – We take a look if you have what it takes to pass the basic requirements set by our partners. While credit ratings are not that important, it still plays a small part of the process. You also have to pass other eligibility markers, like earning capacity, age and residency.

3. We look for possible matches – After looking over your application, we'll check what deals are available in the market. We take a look at our partners' offers, check their specific requirements and see if you pass. We then take the list of partner companies you will find success in and choose one with terms that are favourable to you. Any good matches will be endorsed, and you should expect a call from us or our partner by then.

4. We talk – As much as possible; we want you to get everything you want. If it's not possible, we'll find a way around it. If there's a particular deal that you want, but you're tethering on the edge of rejection, we'll help find ways to give you a better success rate. We might suggest certain steps to improve your credit rating, to improve your trustworthiness and lessen your risk factor.

5. Your background information will be double-checked – This time, it's our partner company's turn to conduct a background check on you. Of course, our initial checking process is similar to theirs, so if you pass the initial stage, this one should be a breeze for you.

6. Contract finalization – If you find a provider whose terms you are agreeable to, and if that provider accepts your contract, you can now finalize the terms and conditions of the agreement. Each contract is customised to fit the needs of the client – it's always on a case-to-case basis. Once both parties have agreed to everything, you can now sign your contract.

7. Get your handset – The best part of the process, here's the part where you finally get the Smartphone you want. You can choose to have it delivered to your doorstep, or you can pick it up at our partner's offices.

See? The process is that easy. Instead of looking for providers of bad credit mobile phone contracts yourself, you can leave the searching to us. Because of our experience and resources, we know exactly what providers are looking for, so we'll pick those that will give you the highest likelihood of success. Of course, we also take your preferences into consideration and find the best deals that complement your needs.