About Us

Matilda Phones is a service created to cater to the mobile phone needs of clients in the UK. Our speciality is assisting people with bad credit ratings in getting their desired mobile phone plan and increases their chances at getting approved for a bad credit mobile phone contract.

While we can't guarantee 100% success, we strive to stick with our clients throughout the entire process, guiding them along the way to give them a better chance for success. From the application period to the signing of the contract, we'll be your guardians to ensure that you take all the correct steps and do the right thing. Your well-being is of utmost importance to us – the goal is to match you with a mobile phone contract with a handset and set of terms that are to your liking, with payment arrangements that are easy to make.

To provide the best service possible, we have affiliated ourselves with the best and most popular names in the industry. You won't get shady, unheard of brands and companies while you're with us. We make sure that our partners are legitimate, reliable and have a reputation for good service, transparency and honesty. Through our many years of experience in the industry, we have gathered enough connections and resources to ensure that we're able to give you the best chances, no matter how bleak your situation may be.

Don't let your bad credit rating get you down and keep you away from a decent mobile phone contract. Contact us today and get connected with one of our partners in less than 24 hours.